You’re a child running, you still have a bubble of “innocence” that surrounds you, but sooner or later, reality is going to haunt you.
inspired by the art work of Edgar Alvarez,Raquel Forne, Alvaro Barrios

Nathalie Barbosa - Tech art & design

Miguel Arbeláez - Programming

Estefanía Castaño - Character Design & Animaton

Nicolás Casanova - Programming

Camila Niño - Enviroment & Props

Special thanks to our trusted music composer Edward Dominguez and  Artcadev

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorsNicasanovac, camilavizard, Cubierto, NathBV, stufa&castanas
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Colorful, Singleplayer


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The game has good artwork. There is short story to game about the boy losing innocence as he discovers more disturbing news. I feel like the bubble of innocence should have played a larger part though, something like losing the innocence opens up new paths and new dangers.


Pretty short, but enjoyed it none the less. Hope you enjoy the video! 

Hello, thanks for playing our game, we would like to know how you came to play it? how did you discover the game? we really appreciate that you take the time to explore our game and enjoy it!!! 

I think it was in my recommended games

me ha gustado mucho el juego (similar a DontStarve), en especial su apartado artístico, genial enemigo, genial concepto, te sumerge en lo que representa y quieres jugar más.

cosas a mejorar:

  • las colisiones son horribles, dañan la experiencia de juego, las cajas de colisión son como muy grandes y puntiagudas.
  • el final de cuando te atrapa el enemigo es muy simple, al punto que llegé a dejarme atrapar unas cuantas veces solo por hacer respawn en el punto origen.
  • correr es un botón innecesario, no lo digo por la función sino que, si siempre puedes hacerlo, mantienes el botón pulsado todo el tiempo.
  • cuando se leen los papeles debería congelarse el juego, para apreciarlos bien y no andar con ellos encima.
  • sé que el tiempo de desarrollo era corto, pero el juego tiene potencial de llegar más lejos.

Hahaha, I like how outside your bubble it's a burning pile of books, but inside it's a happy burning pile of books!

If you get caught while hiding behind a rock, you reappear invisible.

Are you sure it's the poverty and such that's got these people down? You sure it's not, you know, the enormous thousand-eyed spider of darkness hunting everyone down?

Fun game. Atmosphere and art are really great.

the spider is a metaphor for war, as you know war causes poverty, lack of education, everything the newspapers express.

awesome game

Art is very attractive! I wanted to play longer

Loving the vibe of this game, very well done!!

I got a bug in which the monster got me when I was hiding behind a rock and then when I respawned I was invisible and the monster never tried to chase me again.


jajaja yeah, we will fix that, thanks for you comment :)

I love this game and it's style and it's concept!!! I really love this game!!! The ending comes too quick, do you plan on doing more with it? I love this game!!!

Yes, due to time we were unable to make it a cooler ending, but we will work on it

What does the bubble of innocence do, besides make things a lighter shade? 

the plan is that the bubble to shrink when he finds the newspapers that diminish its innocence

So the bubble is cosmetic. yes? Also, at times the spider will spawn camp me, is this intentional? 

about the spider, is not intentional, we will work on it, and the bubble, yes, is more about the meaning

Alright good to know. Two suggestions for the spider problem, either have it go back to where it starts at the beginning of the game, or have time pass before you respawn, as I have noticed standing still for a minute or so has the spider go away. 

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great jobs