Hi!, we had an issue and deleted our game from the entry page :(, GMTK rules doesn't allow us to re-upload it, so we uploaded it to another profile...

Final Version Online: https://camilavizard.itch.io/crazyweather

You are a traveler who has to face in adversity of the weather in different cities of the world, it is out of control! survive as long as you can !!!

Using the open weather map API we were able to take the temperature, wind speed and other data from different cities in the world, making the weather of a chosen random city directly affect the levels of our game.


  • camilavizard (Camila Niño) - Artist
  • astaroth12334 (Yeison Bernal) - Programmer
  • cubierto (Miguel Arbelaez) - Programmer
  • nicasanovac (Nicolas Casanova) - Programmer

Special thanks to our trusted music composer Edward Dominguez



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GAME IS VERY COOL. The temperature API is super super cool. The art is very good. Sound fits right in! Well done!


My browser didn't support the game, man! Trying to find workarounds.

maybe activating WebGl

The page doesnt exist

(2 edits)

It's fixed now c: